June 2, 2022

Symptoms of Money Disorders


Last week, we discussed some common financial disorders that some of us may be experiencing but aren’t aware of.

Yes, the Kenyan economy is bad and inflation is despicable, but even without that, most of us have a complicated relationship with money. This can be due to money disorders or you just find yourself in compromising situations quite often. Either way, today's blog will dig deeper into the symptoms to identify if your financial behavior is a disorder.

Grab your cup of tea or coffee or whatever makes your boat float, as this is about to get interesting.

1. Worshipping money

One thing about money is it can buy you freedom so it’s very easy to get trapped in the chase, to the point where you make money your god. Not only is this unhealthy but it also takes away your purpose on earth. If you are a money worshipper you find yourself having the disorders we discussed last week like pathological gambling, you would rather live outside than not have enough money to gamble.

2. You can’t clarify what having enough money is to you

With our country’s current economic situation, it’s understandable to hear most people say they never have enough money as prices for most commodities are going up by the  day. But when this situation is on the extreme, that is when it could be the sign of a disorder. One example is compulsive hoarding, when you end up piling a lot of money with no goal, purpose or agenda.

3. Wealth accumulation makes you feel guilty

This is almost the opposite of what we have above. You find yourself giving away money at the slightest convenience. Why? Because you have low self-esteem and you feel like you don’t deserve it. Most of the time you will end up with little to no money at the end of the month because you think that’s what your financial situation should be like.

4. You are stressing your family about your finances

If you are a parent, you find yourself blaming your kids for your financial problems, for example, you make your children feel guilty about their needed expenses. You end up burdening your spouse and kids with your financial problems when they don’t deserve that kind of stress.

5. Your life is in chaos

Let me tell you, Maina, this thing called money can frustrate your life if not handled well. Deep down you know it’s due to your financial habits but you refuse to change or move past the chaos. Maybe you like chaos?

6. You’re a workaholic

Eish, independent queen, we see you! But surely don't you deserve a little soft life with how hard you work?

Do you find yourself working very hard without a break because you want to pile up as much cash as possible? There’s a chance this comes from financial insecurity, probably an experience you have had before, so the more money you stash, the better you feel. If this is you, sweetie, you’re suffering from a financial disorder.

7. Saying no to people is your biggest fear

As discussed last week, the fear of losing friends so you end up losing money in the process is a disorder called financial enabling. You are giving people money even if you know this is enabling their bad habits and will make them dependent on you. You may be helping others, but you are hurting your finances in the process. Don’t be a martyr! Do better, please.

With that being said, if you feel attacked or are terrified by the symptoms because deep down you know you relate, keep calm because next week we’ll share how you can conquer these symptoms.

You probably know someone with one or more of these symptoms. If yes, share this with them, they need it.

Bye now! See you next week, same time, at the same place.