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Faith Mwangi

Koa is a motivating and a user friendly app. I get to save money, keep track of it and gain interest. It is very advantageous since I can always check my money at any time. I am really happy to have found Koa.

Timothy Mulandi

For experienced savers and investors seeking to grow amounts to use for future expenditures or investments, then Koa is also for you as it allows for 'inflation insulated' growth for your money.Start saving with Koa today!

Jaber Tasha

I am so glad I started saving with Koa 😌…. Last year, at a time like this saving was the last thing on my mind and right now any money I get, the first thing I think of doing is depositing some to my koa account. Plus I love the fact that the money earns interest 👌🏽👌🏽

Zena Camila

User Interface is easy to use and navigate. User experience when saving is smooth. Customer service is great as well.Best quick saving app out of all my apps.

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Save transparently and watch your money grow daily with an interest rate of up to 10%* per annum!

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Resist the temptation to spend your savings and earn higher interest rates with our Locked Savings feature.

At Koa, it’s all about YOU

Customize your savings plan to fit
your needs with our range of
products and services.

Grow your money transparently

Earn an interest rate of up to 10%* per annum on your savings.

Save in 30 seconds

Save money from the comfort of your phone.

Save as a group

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See your money grow daily

Lock your savings

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Resist the temptation to spend your savings with our Locked Savings and Vault products!
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