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Koa offers a safe, easy, and convenient digital savings API for everyone who wants to offer savings

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Our Vision

Connect millions of customers to the financial markets across Sub-Saharan Africa and facilitate their journey to financial freedom.

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Koa is a savings and investment API rolled into one

Regardless of where your customers are in their financial journey. We make it easy for them to start saving instantly—and stick with it—through personalized, goal-based targets that put your customers on a clear and visible path toward financial freedom.

Our Story

Savings has been the backbone of Financial Services across Africa for decades. Whether you’re in a rural community or an urban city, everyone has their own version of a savings group, both formal and informal. Yet, this is also where we saw the biggest gap.

Without fail, every customer we spoke to shared their discontent and frustration with available savings solutions in the market - too expensive, too fraudulent, too manual, and too bureaucratic. We decided this was an opportunity we needed to address.

And so, Koa was born. With the sole intention of giving young people control over their financial future and helping them realize their money goals by providing access to digital financial services that are transparent, flexible, and affordable.

Meet the team

Aaron Mwaura

Customer Support Specialist

Alexis Roman

CEO & Co-founder

Augustus Otu

Backend Engineer

Delila Kidanu

COO & Co-founder

Ifran Charania

Head of Operations

Jackie Guddah

Finance Controller

Joram Wambugu

Backend Engineer

Kasoi Mutunga

Head of Customer Experience

Kelvin Gakuo

Data Engineer

Nick Hargreaves


Patrick Russell

Head of Growth

Trevor Karaba

Project Management Associate

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How can you grow your money on Koa?

Goal-Based Savings

Have something specific you are saving towards? This is the best option for you! New phone, school fees, or an emergency fund- set up the goals that you are saving for and deposit into them as per your savings plan to reach your dreams!

Quick Save

Don’t have a specific goal in mind but want to grow your money? Not a problem! Deposit into our Quick Save account in less than 30 seconds and watch your money grow over time.