About us

Meet the team disrupting the fintech industry of Sub-Saharan Africa and helping you build a financial future!

Helping you build a financial future

Koa is the only digital savings companion for Kenyan Millennials that makes it easy to start saving instantly—and stick with it—through personalized, goal-based targets that put users on a clear and visible path toward financial freedom.

We are dedicated to helping young people take back control of their financial future and realize their money goals.

Meet the team

Alexis Roman


Delila Kidanu


Bubunyo Nyavor

Technical Lead

Emmanuel Agadzi

Mobile Developer

Griffith Awuah

Back End Engineer

Solomon Darku

Front End Engineer

Shiro Njoroge

Marketing Lead

Zipporah Wagio

Marketing Intern

Wesley Nderi

Success and Support Operations Lead

Trevor Karaba

Project Management Intern

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