June 23, 2022

Plugging You With The Best Financial Literacy Content


Very little is taught about money in school, hence we all need to make an effort to invest in knowledge about money.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t listen to music in your free time, but imagine sneaking a podcast on financial literacy here and there or even better a great article that breaks down the investment opportunities you can take part in so you save some money before we experience what looks like the great recession.

Or even as you scroll through YouTube while snacking, you could watch a 3-minute video that will enlighten your knowledge on personal finance.

This is why we’ve decided to put together a document with all sorts of content you might enjoy to learn more about your personal finance.

We shall share the best materials across different mediums because we love you and we want to see you win!

                                                         1. Podcasts:

i) Money Wise

This is a Kenyan finance podcast hosted by Rina Hicks that speaks of the challenges that professionals face when it comes to financial management. This podcast will equip you with the knowledge to help you make sound financial decisions.

ii) Millennial Money

As millennials, we need insights from professionals with experience on how best we can beat the financial game, especially with the way the Kenyan economy looks right now. Millennial Money provides very insightful tips on how to hack this inflation from people who survived the great recession in 2008.

iii) Kenyan Wallstreet

A great podcast that sheds light on what’s happening in the current market.You will get more insights on businesses in Africa and the world as well as learn how the current economy affects you as an individual.

                                                              2. Blog Articles

i) Koa Blog

Now, why don’t we start with what we both love? None other than the Koa blog. Woop Woop!

We discuss everything about personal finance and discuss how you can thrive in the market right now. Inflation is kicking everyone’s ass but we find ways you can survive.

Not only do we share financial tips, but we also have a digital platform that can help you grow and save your money at ease all at a daily compounded interest of up to 10% p.a.

It’s simple. Start here.

ii) Africa’s Pocket

A great financial literacy platform and blog. They basically help Africans build generational wealth, starting with you!

They break down personal finance, and help you calculate your interest rates, savings, debt, and emergency fund. We highly recommend this one!

iii) Money 254

This platform helps Kenyans find and compare trusted financial products.

They review all loans, savings, investments, and insurance products in Kenya to make it easier for you to make your decision on the platform that best fits your needs.

                                                            3. Series and YouTube Channels

i) Online Income Circle

This channel is a safe haven for online freelancers as it has all the tips on how one can maximize their online gigs. From beginner tips on how to make money online to more advanced topics such as the use of online freelance markets, they come bearing valuable insights for everyone.

ii) Centonomy

I’m sure you have come across them at one point or another on this platform or Instagram, they discuss everything to do with personal finance as well as entrepreneurship and business skills.

Founded by financial advisor Waceke Nduati, this channel will equip you with knowledge on various aspects of finances. The channel has testimonials from students who have undertaken the Centonomy Financial Freedom course with topics ranging from Group Investments to Personal Finances.

iii) Onr

Run by Olive Nkirote, this channel has a lot of information on the latest investment trends such as the unpredictable waters of Cryptocurrency. She has also shared advice on SACCOS, Bonds and Bills, and Online Jobs among others. She has also given extra tips on day-to-day encounters such as Buying and Shipping Goods from Online Stores such as Amazon, Fixing PayPal Errors, Insurance Claiming processes, etc.

iv) Smart Money Woman

We already have a dedicated blog on this because of how useful this series is.

Arese Ugwu - the executive director of the series ‘The Smart Money Woman’ on Netflix which is a sequel to her book, Smart Money Woman.

This article discusses some major steps you need to take to be a “Smart Money Woman.” It’s 2022, and none of us has a chance to slack on our finances.

Not saying that our men can’t benefit from this article, please read it, it’s amazing we promise!                                                    

These are just a few of the million books or podcasts you can read or listen to. We have many more coming and the one thing we promise is we’ll try our best to cover almost all aspects of personal finances so you stick around and grow with us.

Stay tuned for the next blog, we’re discussing how you will hack the great inflation that is with us.