October 3, 2022

Much Love & More Enormous Thanks 💖


2022 has been an exciting year. Koa has grown immensely and it’s all thanks to you.

This is why on this year’s #customerserviceweek, we have decided to write you this thank you message because this year’s theme says to Celebrate Service and also because we love you dearly.

Dear loved one,

We’re honored that when it comes to saving and growing money, you think of us. We want to express how much we appreciate you and your business. When you’re looking for somewhere special for your savings to thrive, we hope you continue to think of us.
As we reflect back on the last 15+ months, we wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to you for being here through each step of the way. Without you, we would have nothing to celebrate this week.

And for that, Happy Customer Service Week…. We promise to deliver you the best of services each and every time.

With love,

Koa’s Customer Service Team! ❤️