August 25, 2022

Making Extra Cash To Start Your Side-Hustle x Ziada


They weren’t wrong when they said that If you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Funding a business in this economy can be tough. But if you’re in great financial shape, have a positive attitude and a solid business plan you’re in a better position to get extra coins to fund your side hustle.

With the Covid-19 era, there a couple of ways you can make extra cash for your side hustle even from the comfort of your home.

Here are some ways you can make extra money:

1. Trade crypto-currency

The digital world evolves everyday and so does our currency. Yes, crypto may be relatively new but researchers and experts have predicted it to be the standard in a few years. Take advantage of this right now and start trading. There are a million courses on Youtube that train you how can start.

2. Online tutoring

Do you know how to play a specific music instrument? Were you good at certain subjects like Math or English? Or even better are you bilingual? If yes, you can tutor people online and get paid while at it. There are a couple of softwares like Skooli and Tutor Me, that give access to these opportunities. In case you have a 9 - 5 job, you could do this after work and make sure you get that bag.

3. Save with Koa

Saving with Koa will allow you to grow your money and get disciplined with your finances while at it.

You will enjoy earning up to 10% daily compounded interest on your savings. Forget about saving your money in the bank, you deserve better services and better interest!

Start saving here 👉🏽: https://bit.ly/39h6jgl

4. Take surveys

You can even do this on your commute home back from work if you’re not driving. It’s an easy task and you’ll get paid for it depending on the company’s survey you’re taking.

5. Work with Ziada

Once you have gotten some cash to start your business put your service up on Ziada. Ziada will make life easier with the tap of a finger. No more worrying about knowing someone who knows someone. Download Ziada to access a variety of services right on your phone.

Best part is if you sign up using the code ZIADAWITHKOA you will  get access to 3 x KES 300 token to use on Ziada!Now go make that money for your side hustle, early retirement awaits!