How Koa Works

Step 1: Account setup

Set up your account

Create your account with your Google or Apple ID, and enter your personal details. We'll track your savings progress.

Step 2: Create a goal

Create a personal goal

Use the Koa app to create a custom goal or choose from popular goals. Choose how much you want to save, over how long and we will help you get there. You have the power to lock your goal to avoid spending the money you have saved.

Step 3: Keep track

Keep saving to your goals

After creating your goal, you can deposit into it using M-pesa or your bank account. We will remind you to keep adding to your goal until you've achieved it, or help you get back on track if you happen to miss a deposit.

Start saving today

Download the Koa app today on your Android device or your iPhone  to get start saving for the things that really matter to you