April 14, 2022

Want To Have Fun On A Budget This Easter? We Got You!


Something about this Easter has got us reminiscing and is taking us back to two years ago when we were strong on lockdown.

But look at us now, who would have thought? We’re battling with fuel prices and shortages but we will survive, right?

How’s your Easter planning going? For the people who are on vacation, must be nice! Those of us who are in Nairobi, we will survive by putting in some of the money we’d have used for travel and sherehe into our Koa savings account.

We hope we were loud enough for the people at the back.

Now that Easter is here, just in case you didn’t have any plans, we have come bearing some nice minimal ideas or as we’d love to call it, a different kind of Easter egg for you. Here are some simple ideas of what you can do with your loved ones this Easter without breaking your bank:

Organize a potluck

With the current hike in vegetable oil, eating out at restaurants is expensive, and especially now during the Easter holidays, prices can be ridiculously high. Letting your host cater for the whole feast can be a bit expensive; instead, you and your loved ones can organize a potluck for lunch or dinner.
It’s one of the best ways to save on the groceries budget where others bring part of the meal. For example, if the host is cooking the main dish, others could bring dessert, drinks, or even side dishes. That way you all get a chance to explore different food and cooking styles and more importantly, enjoy a wonderful meal with your loved ones.

Small Small Adventures

Been to Karura Forest before? No? Great, then you have an adventure waiting and for really a fair price. The entrance fee is Ksh. 100 for citizens, and Ksh. 200 for residents; if you have kids, the prices are cheaper for them.

Feeling another urban adventure? Instead of spending more than Ksh. 30,000 at Maasai Mara, you can visit the Nairobi National Park for a safari with your friends and family for just Kshs 430 bob per adult and Kshs 300 per car. The NNP boasts of a variety of wildlife, from lions, to elephants, to zebras, and if you are very lucky, you can spot the lone cheetah as well! And the beautiful landscape of Nairobi in the background makes the experience even more special.

Plan a BBQ with your loved ones

Now, what’s a Kenyan sherehe without some nyama choma? You and your loved ones can cost-share the meat’s prices and instead of paying a hefty price at a restaurant, you can barbeque it yourselves and have a good time while at it. We all know cookouts with your favorite people are the best plots.

Go to Church with family this Easter then stay home

This is for the Christians in the house. Going for Easter mass or service with your loved ones can be a way to bond and have a great time. After you can have a small luncheon at home and share what the resurrection of Christ means to you. We know this is an unpopular opinion but, with the tough economic times, staying home and reflecting might just be what you need.

Staying at home might help to minimize stress during this period, for once you won't have to think about holiday shopping or travel, you’ll just chillax with the fam.

Game night

Shout out to all the competitive people in the house. You can gather your loved ones together and play games as you make Easter merry together. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, think a chill night in where you compete for the Monopoly Deal championship or battle it out with a game (or twenty) of Uno.

Don’t stress

One thing we will forever advocate for is saying no to societal pressure. It’s Easter, it’s about more than food and drinks. If you can’t manage to host a party or attend a potluck or even go for an adventure or safari, appreciate and be thankful for what it is that you have. If you can meet up with your friends for socials, enjoy it to the maximum. At the end of the day, everything that has a beginning has an end and this holiday shall pass and life will get back to normal, plus there will always be next year.

Overall, have a Happy and egg-cellent Easter from Koa, enjoy the long weekend as much as possible, and don’t forget to save where you can. We are always watching!