July 2, 2021

Saving tips and tricks!


When it comes to saving money, building good habits is the most important and they will determine how much you can ultimately save. To establish good saving habits it’s going to take a bit of discipline with a dash of dedication and commitment. As a young person, you can make a big difference in your financial health with small changes in your money habits. Here are some simple tips and tricks to save money and become a good saver in the long run.

Stay In!

Rather than paying for expensive drinks, set up house parties or hangouts with your friends. Everyone can take a turn to host. Reduce the money spent on dinners or clubs and instead, invite your friends to your home, watch movies together and host dinner nights. If you want to go outside, go hiking or other similar trips where you can save money.

Cook at home more

Instead of dining out and opting for fast food, try to make your meals at home. You can try out meal prepping i.e. preparing some or all of your meals in advance. Devoting a block of time to batch-cooking ingredients or preparing full meals for the week ahead can make it as convenient as ordering in and you save your money.

When planning for your weekly meals you can take advantage of fruits and vegetables in season,giving you a nice bulk save at the grocery store. It is possible to get healthy ingredients at a low cost and cook healthy and tasty meals at home!

Get benefits from offers in supermarkets

The offers at supermarkets and local kiosks will help you pay less for more items. You should scan the market and find out which items are in season, those will have offers. Taking time to find offers can save you big on your weekly shopping so set aside a few hours, compare prices, compare offers and opt for the one that will help save them more cash.

Shop in bulk

Purchasing household items in bulk can save you time and money. Shopping in bulk for personal needs and home items saves money on unit price. Purchasing items in small quantities takes up a significant chunk from your bank account. There are some products each house has to have such as rice flour, toilet paper,soap, etc. on which you can save some cash by buying in bulk.

Save your loose change

Believe it or not, loose change adds up quickly if you make a habit of putting that extra 40 bob away and keeping the change in a jar. Forget about the jar for a few months, you will find enough money to have dinner out with your friends or help with some minor needs.

Shop on a full stomach

Go shopping after eating, on a full stomach you are less likely to add that bag of chips to your basket. Various studies have proved that if a person shops while on an empty stomach, the chances are he/she will have more food in the cart. Hence hunger can influence your grocery list.