February 24, 2022

6 Financial Red Flags To Look Out For In Your Relationship


“It’s always the little things.”

We say this about gestures from loved ones. Whether positive or negative, it’s always the little things.

Like a surprise lunch delivery at work from bae/boo. Or your significant other sending themselves a little cash from your account without asking you first.

They often look like small actions but, they can have a significant impact on your current situation.

Most of the time we overlook a lot in the name of love, but some things can be dangerous to overlook.

Before the month of love clocks out, let’s discuss a few financial red flags in relationships that you should be aware of.

You and your significant other may be perfect for each other in every other way, but you need to draw the line on matters of personal finance. Not everyone can be a ‘financial champ’ and that’s okay but there are signs you can’t overlook in the name of love as they may strain your relationship.

And FYI these are not red flags for first dates or casual relationships. These are red flags to be keen on when you’re considering to DTR.

Like toxicity, money can generate a lot of misery in relationships.

Here are some signs to watch out for to avoid getting yourself mixed up in tough financial situations all in the name of love.

1. Refuses to talk about his/her finances

Most of us have been raised in environments where discussing finances was taboo. But we’re in the 21st generation, let’s normalize talking about finances.

If your S/O displays unwillingness, irritability, or anger when these conversations come up then you have a reason to be worried.

2. Impulse control issues

While spontaneity can be a great thing for relationships, impulse buying can be dangerous, especially if your partner has no control over it.  Impulse control issues means your partner spends like there’s no tomorrow and we both know this will deteriorate your financial security massively. Watch out for that.

3. Expresses love only after - “2K Urgently”

Are you really in Nairobi if you haven’t received this text before from a loved one who wants your money urgently?

St Jerome once said, “Love is not to be purchased and affection has no price.”

If your significant other only shows you affection after you send them money, it’s time you consider that maybe you’re buying that love - which isn’t genuine.

4. Never returns borrowed money

A rare financial crisis is understandable. In such situations, we ought help where we can, right?

Lending money to your significant other seems like a great idea as you’re always down to help but at the same time, it can jeopardize your relationship.

If you’ve loaned someone money before, you know it’s not an easy task to ask for your money back. When this person is your significant other, it can be even more difficult.

What’s worse, someone who does not stick to their promised deadlines, compelling you to ask for your money back and all you get are excuses. Child, that’s a red flag, run in the opposite direction ASAP!

5. Has no financial plan for the future

Your partner’s inability or lack of desire to save money could definitely affect your future.

It’s a red flag if they want to live and plan their finances only on the now.

Assets are important, investments are essential and a retirement plan is mandatory to secure your future, the earlier the better and safer.

6. Lies about money

Financial infidelity will drain your relationship dry. We’re talking lies about debt, their salary, or their secret purchases and accounts.

One day you find a receipt for a big purchase they made, and they get defensive when you bring it up. Normally, you wouldn't care, but you're both saving up for your wedding, and this purchase will put a dent in the fund. If this is brought up and your partner lies, that’s a serious red flag!

If your significant other has a few of the flags on this list, it’s not an automatic break-up.

To err is human and mistakes can happen., Maybe all your partner needs is to be educated on these matters. . If they are willing to fix these problems and get some financial education, stick around, and help them get started on this journey.

Always remember the saying ‘Love is blind but blind doesn’t equal stupid.’